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About Booklyng

Booklyng is a sophisticated website optimization platform, that gets incorporated into the hotel’s website, and integrates seamlessly with its reservation system, to increase its conversion ratio and boost its direct bookings.


Lost Customer Recovery

Timely recover those customers whose intention is to leave the booking process of your hotel’s website.

One-to-One Promotions

Boost the visibility and relevance of your hotel’s promotions, generating the right promotion, at the right time and for the right customer.

Easy to Use

Hoteliers can create and manage tens of promotions in a question of minutes. Booklyng takes 5 minutes to install.



Smart Promotions

Stop cannibalising your revenue by giving away discounts to those customers that would have booked directly anyway.


Smart Direct Sales

Our sophisticated algorithm can generate hundreds of personalized promotions but only one, the best one, is shown to the customer.


Booklyng discovers when and which promotions produce more sales and more income for your hotel. Get rid of generic discounts that reduce your hotel revenue.

Smart Promotions

Use smart up-selling and cross-selling techniques instead of inefficient generic discounts. Create promotions that are opaque to your hotel clients, competitors and OTAs. 



Technologies that OTAs use:

Online Travel Agencies use technologies to win bookings over hotel websites, by providing travelers with better personalization, promotions and tools.

Smarten up your hotel website with Booklyng and win back your direct customers!


Our sophisticated algorithm intervenes when it detects the clear intention of the customer to leave the hotel website reservation process, and persuades them to continue with direct booking.


Booklyng uses a complex algorithmic optimization technique, known as “A / B testing”, which discovers what promotions produce more sales and more revenue for the hotel.


We provide the hotel with an advanced system to recover any customer who has left the reservation process because of smart and optimized messages sent by email or mobile.



Techniques that OTAs use


With Booklyng the hotel can collect and build profiles while using customer qualified data to recover, regain and persuade them to book directly.

Create personalized promotions based on the “value” that each customer brings to your hotel’s bottom line.


Bringing visitors to the hotel website is costly. Collecting customer qualified data will allow the hotel to create profitable long-term relationships and cut down its direct customer acquisition costs.


Build profiles of customers, with similar attributes, through cluster algorithms that use search data queries, anonymous visitor data (if the visitor is coming from an Adwords or Trivago campaign, length of stay, etc.), and so on.


The hotel has a second chance to recover its “lost guests” by smartly using the data (email, name, etc.) collected through the promotion opt-in process.



Unveil guests’ booking intentions


Focus your time and resources on data analysis and insights. Booklyng helps hoteliers make smart decisions and frees them from wasting their valuable time on learning how to master new technologies.


Reveals the real interests and profiles of your “lost” hotel guests, through the data detected during their visits (before, during and after their visits to the hotel website).

Consulting and "turnkey service"

We provide our clients with high value consulting services, tips, “best practice” and “benchmarking” to improve sales. We also do all the hard work of managing and setting up campaigns.

Intelligence report

Our reports provide detailed information on the performance of each promotion. This information can help you discover how to sell more and how to attract more value customers.

a bit more about..


Booklyng is a new and ground-breaking solution that increases the conversion ratio of your hotel website, by creating one-to-one personalized promotions that improve hotel direct sales, loyalty and engagement. Our solution also recovers the lost customers of the hotel website (i.e. those who decide to leave the hotel website and who do not complete their booking process). It is specifically designed and developed for hotel websites.

Our solution focuses its resources on those prospects that offer higher returns, i.e. the direct customers, who still leave the hotel website because they prefer to book the same hotel, or another competitor hotel, through Booking.com or through one of the other OTAs (Online Travel Agencies).

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